Altitude Financial Services has partnered with RightCapital for your Financial Planning needs.  RightCapital is an innovative and award-winning financial planning software that takes the approach of using complex and robust models to solve your problems while presenting the results in simple and intuitive ways.

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Here are some of the ways that we utilize RightCapital:

Retirement, Education, & Insurance
Powerful, interactive projection tools to help you prepare for retirement and plan for different contingencies.  See how prepared you are for retirement by using our interative retirement tool, comparing multiple scenariors, and reviewing different scenario stress tests.

Social Security & Medicare
We help you maximize your Social Security benefits and understand the impact of decisions about Medicare.  What is your optimal Social Security solution?

Digital Onboarding
Easy to use interface allowing you to quickly access your plan and enter your own data if you wish.

Tax Efficient Distribution
See the benefits of a smart tax strategy and optimal withdrawal strategies - including Roth conversions.

Budgeting & Debt
Providing you with tools to manage your budget, track spending in various categories, and manage expectations about future spending.  We can also illustrate options for paying down debt  - including student loans.

Account Aggregation
You can use our aggregation feature to link bank accounts, credit cards, and externally-held investment accounts so you can view your full financial picture in one place.

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